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High-Quality Screws in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

High-quality screws made by expert professionals and advanced technology in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Screws are often self-threading where the thread cuts into the material when the screw is turned, creating an internal thread that helps pull fastened materials together and prevents pull-out. There are many screws for a variety of materials; materials commonly fastened by screws include wood, sheet metal, and plastic.

A screw is a combination of simple machines: it is, in essence, an inclined plane wrapped around a central shaft, but the inclined plane (thread) also comes to a sharp edge around the outside, which acts a wedge as it pushes into the fastened material, and the shaft and helix also form a wedge at the point. 


Material: Stainless Steel
Grade: SS410 , A2 (SS304)
Size: 3.5 (#6) – 6.3 (#14)
Length: 13mm – 50mm



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We have years of experience in manufacturing and supplying screws in Gujarat. We are also filled with a team of industry experts who are very skilled in what they do. We have also implemented high-end technology in all our manufacturing and supplying units to ensure we deliver the best products. 

We have all types of industrial screws and self-drilling screws in our factory. We can also provide you with customized screw types depending on your requirements. Please contact our team to get more details about the different products we have for wholesale and distributing purposes. 

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