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Special Services

Special Services

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If quality fixing and fastening solutions in Ahmedabad have a name, it is NC Shah & Co. We are a company that embraces the latest technological advancement and maintains the core ideals of our 75 years old business legacy. Our professionals and engineers are trained in the latest technologies and are capable of creating solutions for any problems that our clients face.

We are ever ready to help you find the products you need based on your requirements, ensure timely delivery of products and help you in installing them. We provide consulting, manufacturing, supply and delivery, and installation services for nuts, bolts, cladding, anchor fasteners, clamps, washers, and everything you need to make your structures safe and sound.

Why Choose Us ?

NC Shah & Co are known for quality industrial fixing solutions that meet the highest industry standard. We are the top manufacturers of nuts, bolts, anchor fasteners, clamps, channels, studs, and screws. We use high-grade raw materials and ensure quality in every product that we supply.