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High-quality, industry-standard studs for wholesale purchase in Ahmedabad. A stud is essentially just a piece of threaded bar. This often resembles a machine screw without a head, although some studs to have heads that get permanently incorporated into the part they are attached to. 

Studs are often designed to be permanently attached to one part, proving a means of attaching another part in conjunction with a nut. This type of stud may be welded, swaged or bonded to attach it and may, therefore, have a small head to enable this.


Material: Stainless Steel
Grade: SS202 , A2 (SS304) , A4 (SS316)
Standard: DIN 976 , ANSI B18.2.1
Size: M4 – M24 , ¼” – 1”


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Stud is basically a metal rod (with no head) that is tightened by two bolts. They are basically fasteners that help to hold two materials to stick together. The size of the stud depends upon the length of the material that needs to be fastened. 

Metal studs are impervious to rusting and other hazards that occur to organic substances. Hence, corrosion will be minimum for these types of studs. We can guarantee high durability for all the studs we produce here depending on the usage.

Yes, we are the top manufacturers & suppliers of stud bolts in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. We have different types of studs like full threaded studs, ASTM studs, B7 studs, etc. We can also provide custom-built studs according to your requirements.

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NC Shah & Co aims to provide the best quality clamps, claddings, nuts, bolts, and fasteners.  A valuable team of professionals provide an efficient and reliable team of well-qualified, trained professionals and engineers who oversee every step in the manufacturing and delivery process. From designing to manufacturing and quality assurance, our team ensures that the quality of every product we manufacture and deliver meets the best industry standards. 


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