NC Shah

Environmental Challenges of Using Stainless Steel Fasteners


We are going through a time when climate change is a huge factor in our living. Nations all over the world are holding hands to overcome the issue. Some of the huge factors affecting climate change are oil and gas, power plants, deforestation, waste, etc. Industrial pollution is also a huge factor among these.

One of the ways by which materials such as fasteners become a factor of environmental pollution is by the way in which its raw materials are mined. Raw materials like steel or iron need to be mined. As we know, this process will make use of huge machines and these will result in the propulsion of waste materials into air, land, and water resources. The amount of pollution depends on which material was mined and what kind of machine is being used to mine these minerals. Along with that, if the machine is running on fuels, it can also produce dangerous gases like CO2 that are very harmful to the environment. CO2 is responsible for the climate change and global warming that happened earlier too.

However, stainless steel has no immediate impact on the environment since it can be recycled. Its impact on environmental pollution, when compared to other materials is very minimal. Hence, stainless steel is considered to be a green product. Also, stainless steel is widely used for green buildings all over the world.

But, what can be done to the process of making stainless steel? The one and only way are for the companies that make stainless steel to adhere to the ethics of environmentally friendly production. Many companies all over the world should contribute to this cause by making sure that the materials they use are made environment-friendly and the process also adheres to the same. The companies should also make sure that they recycle the material accordingly. With this, we can lessen the impact of steel and metal industries on climate change and environmental pollution to an extent.

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